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Pearl Of Africa

Approximately 33,367, 972 (2009 est) with a 3.6 percent population growth.

People and culture Uganda has long been a cultural melting pot, as evidenced by the existence of more than 30 different indigenous languages belonging to five distinct linguistic groups, and an equally diverse cultural mosaic of music, art and handicrafts.

  • English(Official language)
  • Kiswahili
  • Luganda
  • Runyankole, Rukiga or Rutoro

Uganda boasts of temperate climate even though a bulky of its area is in the tropics with varying temperatures of 16 – 26°C (April – November), and over 30°C during warm seasons (December – March) . It also harbours the world’s second largest lake the victoria, the source of the world’s second longest river, the Nile.





Officially named The Republic of Uganda, headed by the President guided by the republican constitution. Voting qualifications are universal but for those above 18 years of age. Economic profile and Currency Consistently ranked among Africa’s fastest growing economies since 1986, Uganda has experienced a steady expansion infrastructures, and a corresponding increase in international tourist arrivals and upmarket facilities.

We use the Ugandan Shilling (UGX) denominated with /= sign. During centuries the East-African and Great Lake region was organized by a multitude of kingdoms and empires. These kingdoms were the result of the migration and settlement of different groups, families and clans into the region. The movement happened slowly in a time span of many hundreds of years and the motives varied considerably.


Great cities to explore


Kampala is the capital city of Uganda and it spreads over seven hills, originating from 1891 when the Kabaka of Buganda had his court on Rubaga and Mengo hills. Kampala obtained its name from “kasozi k’impala” or the hill of antelopes.


Jinja town is 80 km away from Kampala and is Uganda ‘s second industrialized town after Kampala the capital city. The famous River Nile starts its journey from here (at the source of the River Nile) northwards to Egypt . A monument marks the spot where Speke (the first white explorer) discovered this in 1862, very picturesque & magnificent. Along the way to Jinja, you will have a chance to see massive sugarcane plantations and tea estates before you get to the Mabira forest reserve renowned for its cool and refreshing forest walks and monkeys.


Entebbe town (translated into “chair” in the local Luganda language) is a peninsular found on the fresh waters of Lake Victoria . Entebbe is a gateway into Uganda by air, and is a very vital town both historically and presently. A visit to Entebbe would take you to the Uganda Wildlife Educational Center a show piece of Ugandan fauna particularly Chimpanzees and birds, the Entebbe Botanical Gardens developed from a natural forest in 1898 and Lutembe the water birds’ paradise (prior arrangement can be made upon request).